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Lenovo Group launched the world's first ceramic keycap


Lenovo Group launched the world's first ceramic keycap with high gloss and wear resistance. Xin Zhifeng, chief engineer of Lenovo Group and director of notebook research and development, said that in the future, more ceramic keycaps, more colored ceramic keycaps, and more keycaps of other materials and patterns will be applied to products.

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What is metal powder injection molding


The solid powder and organic binder are uniformly kneaded, and the feed is made after granulation. The feed is formed in an injection molding machine under semi-solid conditions to create green bodies with complex shapes. Debinding to remove binder from green body. Sintered at high temperature, resulting in a final product with good mechanical and physical properties.

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Electronic communication ceramic backplane


◆The ceramic mobile phone backplane has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal shock resistance, fast heat dissipation, high bending strength, good fracture toughness, and strong wear resistance. The "high-value" features such as appearance, smoothness, and warmth like jade have been favored by consumers.◆Dingding Ceramics also officially started the manufacturing of communication electronics, ceramic cover plates, and microelectronic ceramic industries in 2017.

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To know Dingding Ceramics in One Article


Dingding Ceramics is the first powder injection molding process (PIM) in China, and has made outstanding achievements in the fields of structure, functional ceramics, tungsten alloys and silicon carbide. Dingding Ceramics follows the corporate culture of "striver-oriented" and believes that in The road ahead will get better and better!

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What is ceramic injection molding and describe the process


Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) is a new process for preparing ceramic parts developed by combining the polymer injection molding method with the ceramic preparation process. Similar to the metal injection molding (MIM) technology developed in the 1970s, they are the main branches of powder injection molding (PIM) technology, and are developed on the basis of the relatively mature polymer injection molding technology. For mass production of ceramic products with high dimensional accuracy and complex shapes, the use of ceramic powder molding is the most advantageous.