Dingding Manufacturing Processes

Five Steps of Manufacturing

Step1: Powder Preparation

Applying a hydrothermal method, ceramic powder is mixed with an additive, followed with precipitation, alcoholysis, low-temperature hydrolysis, blending, fracturing and prilling.

Step 2: Forming

General forming techniques include pressing, extrusion, injection molding, dry pressing, gelling and casting.


The formed part is sent into a high temperature furnace where it’s kept for a fixed time to achieve a dense, advanced technical ceramic. Before, and sometimes during, this stage, any organic additives remaining need to be removed.

During this part of the process, thermal debinding, solvent debinding and hot isostatic pressing techniques will also be applied.


This machining process involve three stages: 

  • Flat grinding / rough blank processing
  • CNC machining
  • Finishing / polishing

    Step 5: Cleaning and Inspection

    Post-processing includes surface treatment such as sandblasting, PVD, laser printing, which is completed with cleaning of parts.

    A final inspection is conducted to detect cracks or flaws, and to ensure the ceramic part is delivered with zero defects.