Dingding Manufacturing Processes

Five Steps of Manufacturing

Powder Preparation

Mixing ceramic powder with additive by using hydrothermal method, precipitation, alcoholysis, low-temperature hydrolysis, mixing, fracture, prilling etc.


The forming techniques include Pressing, extrusion, injection molding, dry pressing, gel and casting.


The formed part will be sent and kept in a high temperature furnace for a fixed time to get a dense, advanced technical ceramic. Before or during this stage, any organic additives need to be removed.

Thermal debinding, solvent debinding, hot isostatic pressing techniques will be used within this step.


3 steps are taken in this machining process: 

  • Flat grinding / rough blank processing

  • CNC machining

  • Finishing / polishing

Clean & Inspection

Post-process (surface treatment, sandblasting, PVD, laser, print circuit) then clean.

Final inspection to find out the cracks or flaws and to ensure the ceramic part without defects.