Dingding History

Advanced Ceramic Experts Since 1985

1985 - 2022

Leading PIM Technology Enterprise

Dingding specializes in the manufacture of products made of advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide etc.), tungsten alloy, high density tungsten base alloy, stainless steel and powder metallurgy variants. 

With its application of advanced PIM technology, the company has gained vast experience and made great achievements in the manufacture of parts and products for clients in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Shipbuilding, Communication, Clocks and Watches and Textile industries.

Dingding is committed to metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic manufacturing process research and development in order to improve our already vast range of production capabilities. The MIM technology enables cost efficient fabrication of functional parts and accessories with complex geometries, high performance and precision requirements.

We Are Moving Forward…

A Timeline of Dingding History

In 1985

Dingding Established

In 2002

Nanjing Factory Launched

In 2007

Shenzhen Headquater

In 2011

1st Dongguan Workshop Startup

In 2014

Enter the MIM Industry

In 2017

2nd Dongguan Workshop Startup

In 2018

Ceramic E-Cigarette & 5g Filter

In 2019

Ceramic Smart Wear & Bracelet

In 2020

Shandong Factory Commence Operations