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Consumer electronic, ceramic smart wear, 5G filter, e-cigarette, ceramic split & mouth,industrial structure part etc.


Mix the metal powder and binder, shaped and solidified using injection molding to produce small components used in many industries&applications.

Smart Wear

DDM has provided high-quality services for many well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad to produce all kinds of high-end ceramic watch rings, shells, bottom covers, watch particles, keys, etc.

Electronic Cigarette

40+ equipment for e-cigarette products, which can produce 10 million pieces per month for ceramic heating core and loose parts.

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About Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM) is a near-net-shape forming process for fabricating ceramic components, which is extensively used in fabricating parts with high precision and complex shape and receive great attention.

The CIM process involves mixing the selected ceramic powder with binders to form the feedstock, which is then molded in a die cavity to form the required component shape. These shapes undergo a debinding process where binders are removed by using either thermal evaporation or solvent washing. The parts are then consolidated in a sintering furnace at temperatures up to 1800˚C, under either oxidizing or reducing atmospheres.

Forming Advantages

Shape and size feasibility

Customized complex ceramic part design

Exceptional level of product resilience

Extremely high dimensional accuracy

High level surface finishing

Production Advantages

High level mechanization and automation

High production efficiency

Short forming cycle time

Product consistency

Mass production ability

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