Advanced Ceramics Experts

Smart Wear

Supplier of Huawei Watch / Apple Watch / Amazfit Smart Wear / Fiyta Watch and more.

Vape & CBD

Production In 2021:
Zirconia atomizing core for vape – 200 million pcs.
Zirconia connecting rods for CBD – 16 types 3 million pcs.

Structural Ceramic Components

For Energy, Aerospace, Machinery, Automobile, Electronics, Chemical industry and more.

Structural Ceramics

Because of superb physical & chemical characters,ceramic materials are widely used in many industries.

Electronic Cigarette

40+ specialized equipments for E-cigarette enable monthly over 20 million pieces Zirconia atomizing cores and millions of other relevant components.

Smart Wear

Zirconia is very useful in smart wear industry for sake of its characters of good skin affinity, beautiful appearance, zero impedance, no wear or scratch & high hardness.

Stainless steel & Tungsten Alloy

With comparative low cost, high precision, high production capacity and various finishings or colors, staniless steel & tungsten alloy are used in many applicatons.


Know Us Better From Video

Dingding is the earliest professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy products in China that adopts powder injection molding technology (PIM) to produce precision ceramics (zirconia, silicon carbide), tungsten alloys, high specific gravity tungsten-based alloys, stainless steel and other powder metallurgy products. Relying on advanced PIM technology, the company has made great achievements in the fields of aerospace, communication, military industry, shipbuilding, clocks and watches, textiles and so on.

How We Realize Your Applications

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