Advanced Ceramics Experts

Smart Wear

Proud supplier of components to Apple (watch) / Amazfit Smart Wear / Fiyta (watch) / Foxconn, and many more.

Vape Kit Components & CBD Appliances

Production In 2021:
Zirconia atomizing core for vape pods - 200 million pcs.
Zirconia connecting rods for CBD appliance - 16 types, 3 million pcs.

Structural Ceramic Components

Applied in Energy, Aerospace, Machinery, Automobile, Electronics, Chemical and more industries.

Structural Ceramics

Due to their superb physical & chemical properties, ceramic materials are widely used in many industries.

Electronic Cigarette

Dingding owns 40+ types of specialized equipment for E-cigarette part production, which enable monthly output of more than 20 million units of Zirconia atomizing cores, along with millions of auxiliary components.

Smart Wear

Zirconia is the ideal material for smart wear applications. It is skin friendly with beautiful appearance, zero impedance, light weight, high hardness and excellent wear and scratch resistance.

Stainless steel & Tungsten Alloy

With comparatively low cost, vast applicability and wide variety of finishings or colors, Stainless Seel & Tungsten Alloy are used in many applications. The high strength and corrosion resistance qualities of these materials make them excellent choice for usage in high precision mechanics

Cooperation Partners

Cooperation Partners

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Dingding is regarded as a pioneering manufacturer of powder metallurgy products. It was the first company in China to adopt powder injection molding technology (PIM) to fabricate parts made with precision ceramics (zirconia, silicon carbide), tungsten alloys, customized gravity tungsten-based alloys, stainless steel and powder metallurgy.

With its application of advanced PIM technology, the company has gained vast experience and made great achievements in the manufacture of parts and products for clients in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Shipbuilding, Communication, Clocks and Watches and Textile industries.

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