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Advanced ceramic in electronics

Industrial Structure Part

Ceramic connector

Compared to traditional connector, DDM’s ceramic connector applied to Microsoft’s laptop has high strength, good toughness, high hardness, compressive Strong impact resistance, wear lessness, no scratches, sintering at 1350+ ℃, without impurities, nonmagnetic, no contamination, no breeding ground for bacteria, easy to clean, corrosion of all kinds of acid and alkali resistant organisms, no damage even in aqua regia hot for a few hours.

Microelectronic Ceramic

Ceramic Substrate

Due to the advantages of advanced ceramic materials, the ceramic substrate is suitable for all kinds of 5G base stations.

Industrial Structre Part

Ceramic headset

Ceramic Bluetooth headset shell has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal shock resistance, fast heat dissipation, high bending strength, good fracture toughness, strong wear resistance etc. The ceramic shell is beautiful, smooth, warm as jade, and widely used in high-end bluetooth headset application.