Exquisite, beautiful, healthy, Huawei GT3 detailed evaluation

Published Date: 2022-07-12 15:44:38 Views: 337

Dingding Precision Ceramics has manufactured ceramic bezel & band for Huawei watch series.

1. Appearance design

First of all, the feeling of getting started is exquisite and smooth. Compared with my GT2 Pro, it is a little less heavy (Pro is Pro after all), but the workmanship is very delicate. New appearance design, perfect balance of body appearance and battery life. It is designed with curved glass, and the rotating crown of the watch 3 series is added, which is very small and exquisite, and the operation is smooth.

Thanks to the increase in the screen ratio, the GT3 with the same 42mm size has a larger screen and narrower frame than the GT2, and the appearance and immersion are greatly improved. Although the 42mm dial is a model suitable for both men and women, the user portrait is obviously more inclined to women. If you like a tougher shape, you can choose the 46mm dial version.

The back of Huawei WATCH GT3 is as delicate as ever. At first, it felt like ceramic material. Later, after carefully reading the configuration list on the official website, I found that it is plastic sprayed with ceramic. However, the feel is similar to that of ceramics. The GT3 body is not heavy, the 42mm version weighs only 35g, but the performance configuration has been fully upgraded, and the 42mm version can support up to 7 days of battery life, while the 46mm dial version can achieve up to 14 days of battery life, continuing Huawei GT series has the advantages of high appearance, long battery life and thinness.

Compared with the GT2, the sensor layout of the GT3 has changed significantly. From the previous square to a small circular circle, the number of sensors has doubled, because its hardware and software have been fully upgraded, TruSeen™ 5.0+ eight-channel heart rate detection Technology will bring more reliable monitoring data, no matter health monitoring or exercise assistance, it is inseparable from it.

2. HarmonyOS

Huawei GT3 adopts a new chessboard interface layout, and the HarmonyOS theme is more beautiful.

The Huawei GT3 also uses the same chessboard UI interface. You can adjust the size of the icons by rotating the crown. The interface switching and icon movement are silky smooth, and the operation is intuitive and efficient.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei WATCH GT3 uses a 3D rotating crown with haptic feedback for the first time, and supports wet-hand operation. You can view body data and exercise data in real time when swimming, which is convenient for operation.
With the support of HarmonyOS, Huawei GT3 also brings more rich watch applications, some of which support the linkage expansion between the watch and the mobile phone, while others can be used independently on the watch. The rich software ecology makes the watch bid farewell to the title of “large bracelet”.

As for the theme of the watch, while upgrading the screen, Huawei GT3 also brings a richer theme style. At the Huawei Developer Conference on October 21, Yu Chengdong once introduced that the popular astronaut-themed dial on the Internet has brought creators up to 13 million yuan in income, and a good software ecosystem will naturally attract more creators Join to bring richer dial themes.

However, to be realistic, Huawei GT3 can only be regarded as a light Hongmeng system, because it has to take into account the battery life, it does not decentralize all the functions of Hongmeng, such as control only furniture, real-time voice shorthand and other functions are not equipped, which is slightly compared to the Watch 3 series. It is inferior, but considering the different prices and positioning of the two, it is understandable. And GT3 software and functions have been fully able to meet the daily needs.

In addition, this time Huawei WATCH GT3 also brought a negative screen. This negative screen has built-in weather, music playback and notification functions, which is similar to a smart assistant, so that we can easily grasp some important information through the negative screen of the watch, without opening the corresponding APP, let alone picking up the phone, So friendly in this cold winter.

3. Exercise health

In the most commonly used health management part, Huawei WATCH GT3 introduces two interfaces, one is the traditional runway interface, and the other is the newly designed healthy clover interface. In the Clover interface, you can intuitively see the completion of task data, and the built-in task of the watch is to urge users to better manage their work and rest time and develop good habits.

Huawei GT3 introduces the same body temperature detection function as Watch 3, which can estimate body temperature based on the skin of the wrist and understand the changes in body temperature in real time. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many people have become more sensitive to body temperature. With this GT3, the electronic thermometer at home can be omitted.​
With the support of the TruSeen™ 5.0+ health management system, the heart rate and blood oxygen functions of the GT3 have been enhanced, which can improve the accuracy of heart rate monitoring under strenuous exercise.

In addition, old Huawei users know that Huawei has also cooperated with 301 Hospital to initiate a heart health study. As of September 30, 2021, 2.01 million+ users have joined the sleep apnea study, of which 970,000+ participated in overnight screening. A total of 17,405 suspected high-risk people were screened out, and the accuracy rate of high-risk users’ return visit screening was 98%.
This time, Huawei GT3 brings a new feature, which is plateau care mode. The biggest role of this function is to predict altitude sickness and give early warning. In some high-altitude areas, altitude sickness may cause physical discomfort or even life-threatening. The altitude care mode will monitor your blood oxygen level in real time, remind you, and guide you to perform breathing training to relieve altitude sickness. If you bring a GT3, you can consider traveling to Tibet!

In terms of basic sports and fitness functions, Huawei GT3 has been enhanced. For example, the newly added skipping mode seems simple, but like the swimming mode, it can be regarded as the ceiling of the current sports monitoring. Because it requires extremely powerful hardware and extremely powerful algorithms to accurately monitor, Huawei still does it.

Huawei WATCH GT3 has built-in professional running courses, which can be trained in stages, and guide users step by step to achieve better fitness effects through running. Users can also import other related courses by themselves. Of course, if you are already a running enthusiast, the more professional Huawei WATCH GT3 Runner is a better choice.

4. Conclusion

As Huawei just said at the press conference, Huawei GT3, wearing a watch means wearing health, at least this watch does exactly that. What it provides is not just indifferent data, but tells you the meaning and value of each data, so that you can understand your own situation more clearly. Maybe young people are okay now, but Huawei GT3 can help you more Pay attention to your physical condition, develop good behavior habits, punch in healthy clover together, and make exercise a beautiful and fashionable thing.