What is metal powder injection molding

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Introduction to metal powder injection molding process

  1. The solid powder and organic binder are uniformly kneaded, and the feed is made after granulation.
  2. The feed is formed in an injection molding machine under semi-solid conditions to create green bodies with complex shapes
  3. Debinding to remove binder from green body
  4. Sintered at high temperature, resulting in a final product with good mechanical and physical properties
Metal powder injection molding

Metal powder injection molding

Metal powder injection molding process advantages

  1. High precision one-time forming of complex three-dimensional structure, tolerance (± 0.3% ~ ± 0.1%)
  2. The forming density is up to 98%, and the strength, hardness, elongation, fatigue resistance and other mechanical properties are close to those of forged materials
  3. High production efficiency and continuous mass production


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