Apple zirconia ceramic matte treatment process patent sharing

Published Date: 2022-08-26 10:20:50 Views: 213

Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application by Apple that covers future Apple devices (AppleWatch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, speaker devices, etc.) Made of zirconia ceramics or alumina toughened zirconia ceramics), with a matte texture material.

As shown, Figure 1A shows a front view of an example watch (AppleWatch #100) with case #105 including a textured zirconia-based component; Figure 4 shows a rear view of an iPhone, rear surface of the device The textured zirconia-based components (#404 and 434) were included on the top; Figure 7 is a schematic flow diagram of an example of a textured zirconia-based housing component.

According to the patent, texture-based zirconia components are commonly used as housings for electronic devices, such as electronic watches. In some cases, the textured outer surface of the zirconia-based part gives the outer surface of the housing a matte appearance that is not only resistant to scratches and abrasions, but also provides a specific “feel”, is easy to clean, or both Of. Or further, such a textured outer surface can be configured such that the zirconia-based component substantially retains its strength and impact resistance.

For more information, see Apple’s patent application number 20220256720.


Here is the video shows we recently did matte finish on ceramic bracelet and bezels.



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