One Article To Understand Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM) Technology

Published Date: 2022-01-07 16:33:24 Views: 442

Ceramic injection molding (CIM) is a new process for preparing ceramic parts, which combines polymer injection molding with ceramic preparation process. Similar to the metal injection molding (MIM) technology developed in the 1970s, they are the main branches of powder injection molding (PIM) technology, which are developed on the basis of relatively mature polymer injection molding technology. For the mass production of ceramic products with high dimensional accuracy and complex shape, ceramic powder molding has the most advantage.

Characteristics of ceramic injection molding technology


① The forming process has the characteristics of high mechanization and automation, high production efficiency, short forming cycle and high blank strength, and its process can be accurately controlled (program control), which is easy to realize mass and large-scale production;

② It can near net shape various small ceramic parts with complex geometry and special requirements, so that the sintered ceramic products do not need machining or less processing, so as to reduce the expensive ceramic processing cost;

③ The formed ceramic products have high dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Disadvantages: the investment and processing cost of disposable equipment are high, which is only suitable for mass production.

Application example of CIM ceramic injection molding

At present, injection molding technology has been applied to the preparation of various high-performance ceramic products. Such as ceramic medical instruments in biomedical field, ceramic brackets and ceramic dental posts for orthodontics and restoration, etc; Zirconia ceramic insert and ceramic sleeve for optical communication; Alumina insulated ceramic parts used in semiconductor and electronic industries, such as integrated circuit high packaging shell, small vacuum switch ceramic shell and small ceramic sliding shaft core; Ceramic knife, ceramic watch chain and ceramic watch case used in modern life and watch industry.