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zirconia ceramics

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How ceramics can be used to make watches?


How can a fragile material like ceramics be used to make watches? Although the most common materials in the watch industry are stainless steel, titanium, precious metals (gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum), etc., one of them belongs to the rising star in the watch material industry - ceramic material, which has sprung up under the attack of the above-mentioned materials in recent years. More and more watch brands have launched their own ceramic watches. Ceramic has become a widely used material in the watch industry.

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Preparation of zirconia ceramics by melt deposition 3D printing and its mechanical properties


Based on the traditional melt deposition method, dense and porous zirconia ceramics were prepared by 3D printing with particle mixture and screw extrusion mechanism. The printing properties of particle raw materials, microstructure characteristics of green body and mechanical properties of ceramic materials were systematically studied. The results show that this method can print the unsupported structure with an inclination of 165 ° and a span of 5.5 mm; The effects of two printing paths on the flexural strength and Weibull modulus of dense zirconia ceramics were studied. The results show that the "single line rectangular" composite filling mode can obtain ceramics with higher density and better mechanical properties than the traditional single line filling mode. The flexural strength is 637.8 MPa and the Weibull modulus is 9.1; The compressive mechanical behavior of porous zirconia ceramics with different porosity is studied. The results show that there is a composite index law between compressive strength and porosity. The stress-strain curve of out of plane compression only shows an elastic stage at low porosity, and there are elastic stage and collapse stage at high porosity, but there is no compaction stage.