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Sintering process of zirconia ceramics


Zirconia ceramics have excellent properties such as high melting point and boiling point, high hardness, good toughness, good wear resistance, insulators at room temperature, and electrical conductivity at high temperatures, so they are widely used in structural ceramics and functional ceramics. , then what is the sintering process of zirconia ceramics?

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To know Dingding Ceramics in One Article


Dingding Ceramics is the first powder injection molding process (PIM) in China, and has made outstanding achievements in the fields of structure, functional ceramics, tungsten alloys and silicon carbide. Dingding Ceramics follows the corporate culture of "striver-oriented" and believes that in The road ahead will get better and better!

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Introduction Of Dingding precision ceramics


Dingding is the first professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy products in China that adopts powder injection molding technology (PIM) to produce precision ceramics (zirconia, silicon carbide), tungsten alloys, high specific gravity tungsten-based alloys, stainless steel and other powder metallurgy products. With advanced PIM technology, the company has made great achievements in aerospace, communications, military, shipbuilding, clocks, textiles and other fields.