What role can advanced ceramics play in the textile industry?

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Application of ceramic materials in textile machinery parts:

Ceramic materials for the preparation of textile parts requiring high hardness, high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Zirconia ceramics have good wear resistance, good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, high toughness, and can be used for winding, texturing, and tangent parts;

Zirconia toughened alumina ceramics have high hardness, good wear resistance, good chemical stability and certain toughness, and can be used in thread tensioners, thread cutters, winders, texturing machines, etc.

At present, textile ceramic parts are roughly divided into three categories: friction discs, thread cutting devices and yarn guides.

① Friction discs can be divided into two categories according to the material: one is hard rigid body, such as full ceramic disc, plasma sprayed ceramic disc and emery disc, etc.; the other is soft material disc, such as polyurethane friction disc. The advantage of ceramic friction discs is wear resistance and can maintain its surface structure for a long time, so it can stably ensure the quality of filaments.

② Thread cutting devices are commonly used in automatic winder damper scissors and tension scissors, etc. Automatic winder is the key equipment for the textile industry to improve the winding quality and export foreign exchange. The hardness of ceramic scissors is as high as 1300~3000HV, and its high temperature performance is good. Its hardness at 1200~1400℃ is equivalent to that of cemented carbide at 200~400℃, and its wear resistance is 3~5 times that of cemented carbide. It has the advantages of good adhesion resistance, good chemical stability and so on.

③ Silk weaving equipment is inseparable from yarn guides. The high-speed production and the diversification of fibers require ceramic yarn guides with higher precision, higher finish and lower energy consumption. In recent years, there are various types of textile ceramic yarn guides, among which The advantage of titanium oxide ceramics as a high-speed spinning guide is that it can prevent the “white powder” generated by frictional static electricity between the thread and the ceramic during use, which may cause the quality of the thread to drop or the thread to break. This utilizes the semiconductor of titanium material, and at the same time, titanium material has relatively high hardness and good wear resistance.

During 39 years advanced ceramic manufactures, Dingding has advanced equipments and good team work to produce textile ceramic parts

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