Porous ceramic heating atomization core

Published Date: 2022-05-06 14:12:18 Views: 430

Instead of burning, vaporizer ceramic heating element heat liquids, waxes, and even dried herbs to release steam, while steam engines inhale steam without causing any damage to their lungs or throats.



vape ceramic heating element,vape ceramic heater element

vape ceramic heating element








Zirconia ceramic atomizing core technical features

1) The metal heating film is a back film sintering process, with uniform heating, no hot spots, acid and alkali resistance and smoke and oil environment;

2) The ceramic has a porosity of 50%, high reduction degree to the aroma of tobacco oil and good atomization effect

3) The material has biological compatibility, high safety and no harm to human body;

4) The metal heating film is matched with the thermal expansion of porous ceramics to realize the impact life of 800 ~ 1000 times;

5) Ceramics are fired at 1350 ℃, with high strength and not easy to lose powder;

6) It can be customized and developed according to customer requirements.

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