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Advantages of DINGDING porous zirconia ceramic atomization core?

Comparison of atomizing cores composed of other materials (such as heating wire and fiber rope, heating wire and organic cotton), the ceramic atomization core is characterized by faster temperature rise, better temperature uniformity and more accurate temperature range control in the heating process. This can greatly reduce the generation of aldehydes and ketones in the use process, so as to ensure the safety of the use process.

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DINGDING is a technology brand focusing on the development of ceramic atomization core.DINGDING ceramic core consists of two parts: ceramic and heating film. Ceramics are sintered at high temperature to form a bowl-like structure. The heating membrane is designed in an S shape and is attached to the ceramic surface. The atomizing core is the core component of the atomizer. During operation, the heating film heats the liquid into a mist by generating heat evenly.


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Faster heating, more uniform heating and more accurate temperature control.

There are thousands of small holes in Dingding atomization core,and these tiny pores are the key to the stable fluid conduction and locking function of ceramic atomization core. Due to the surface tension and capillary action, the liquid can penetrate into the atomization core evenly and be adsorbed on the surface of the atomization core.