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Dingding precision ceramic factory has provided high quality cost-effective bracelet/band/strap for Huawei watch GT3 pro.

The ceramic material is mainly zirconia mineral powder (the powder particle diameter is less than 1 micron) sintered at a high temperature of about 1500 ° C. Like traditional Chinese ceramic products, it has stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof, high temperature resistant, fade resistant and corrosion resistant. The surface is warm and flawless and emits soft natural luster. And compared with stainless steel watches, the overall weight of ceramic watches is about 60% lighter, while the hardness is 10 times that of stainless steel.

Now ceramic watches have become the new darling of the watchmaking industry. The ceramic material has the characteristics of luster, high hardness, no rust and discoloration, no contamination, and stable chemical properties. Ceramic watch cases and straps are made of high-tech ceramic composite materials, which have good rust resistance and heat resistance, high hardness, are not easy to wear, never fade, and do not damage the skin!

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