Xiaomi launched an innovative razor and adopted zirconia ceramic cutter head for the first time

Published Date: 2022-01-06 13:44:53 Views: 412

In today’s society, a large number of leading enterprises in medical technology and electronic industry consciously use ceramic blades to improve production efficiency. The razor field also constantly puts forward higher and special requirements for blades. Zirconia ceramic blades can best meet this requirement.

On January 12, Xiaomi’s Mijia launched an innovative flagship product, Mijia electric razor s700, which introduced zirconia ceramic blade into the field of electric razors for the first time.

The following benefits can be obtained from zirconia ceramic blades:

-High corrosion resistance

-Low friction coefficient, sharper blade and clean shaving effect

-The hardness of steel knife is only hv500-600, and the hardness of ceramic knife is hv1200-1500, which has stronger wear resistance.

Most of the medium and low-end shavers on the market will have the problem that the blade is corroded and worn after long-term use, so it is impossible to shave the beard. The advantages of ceramic cutter head are high hardness, low noise and strong corrosion resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, it can keep the surface clean and sharp. Official data show that even after 240 hours of continuous use, the s700 head of Mijia razor has no obvious wear. Shaving once a day can be used continuously for at least 20 years.