Watches are made of a variety of materials. What role does high-performance ceramics Zirconia play in them?

Published Date: 2022-01-05 15:40:49 Views: 308

Zirconia ceramics

This is the most widely used ceramic material in the watch industry. The process is to mix very fine zirconia, rare earth elements and adhesives with grain size of about one thousandth of a millimeter, then granulate them, prepare the specified shape of watch case, watch strap and other accessories through ceramic powder injection molding technology, then degrease them in degreasing furnace, and finally carry out high-temperature sintering. The preliminarily formed products also need to be polished repeatedly according to the final surface effect to improve the beauty and texture of the case and strap.

DDM Factory provides Huawei, Apple,Amazfitand Xiaomi with ceramic bezel and ceramic case for their Smart wear.


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