Ceramic and Steel Bezels: pros and cons

Published Date: 2022-05-11 14:43:58 Views: 461

Many friends who are new to watches basically don’t know the difference between a stainless steel bezel and a ceramic bezel, so they often don’t know which is better between stainless steel and ceramic when choosing a watch. , the rest can be selected according to your own budget and aesthetics.

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Advanced ceramics are ceramic watchmaking materials, light in texture, wear-resistant, anti-allergic and colorfast. With the advancement of material science, the shortcoming of easy cracking of ceramic materials has been improved. Today, most watch brands have launched ceramic watches. Even if the entire watch is not ceramic, the bezel and dial will be made of ceramic, or as an alternative to DIA. Even ceramics, due to their sheer resistance to wear, have become a constituent material of movements, such as the bearing balls that make up the automatic pendulum.

So ceramic watches do have their own uniqueness and advantages, so which is better, ceramic watches or steel watches? In fact, ceramic watches are very comfortable to wear during this hot summer and are lightweight and comfortable for the wearer.

Our company produced 300k sets of bezels for Huawei Watch GT Runner. 19 complicated processes such as CNC, polishing, brushing, laser engraving, oil filling, silk screen printing, AF, etc. are done on the microcrystalline ceramic smartwatch bezel

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