Products & Applications

The patented high-temperature ceramic heating coil has been tested repeatedly for several months. After repeated experiments, our zirconia ceramics have been compounded with the correct formula. Each coil has been calcined at high temperature for 3 days and solidified. It has the following characteristics:

1. There will be no oil leakage and explosion like the cotton core.

2. There are thousands of small holes in it, which can hold smoke oil. After heating, the absorption is stronger

3. There is no dust after scrapping to ensure that only water vapor is inhaled

3. Heating does not crack, which is a significant difference compared with other ceramic coils on the market.

4. Self cleaning. It can separate impurities from oil, and it will not burn cotton with oil. With the development of ceramic coils, the taste will be improved.

5. Long service life mainly depends on wire rod, which can be heated for more than 14000 times.

6. The most pure, clean and consistent flavor.