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What are the pros and cons of ceramic watch cases?

Advantages: ceramics are acid-resistant and not easy to oxidize and corrode; ceramics are wear-resistant and not easy to produce scratches; ceramics are hard and not easy to distort. High-tech ceramics need to be pressed into the mold in the form of powder. At this time, the powder particles are bonded to form a continuous whole through mutual fusion and diffusion, and there are pores in the ceramics to make the material lighter. In addition, ceramic watches have a higher appearance than metal watches. They are like pearls on the hand, and they are not easy to hide dirt and dirt. Even if they are accidentally stained, they are easy to clean.

Disadvantages: The ceramic structure has no flexibility, is not impact-resistant, and is fragile. The internal pores can form cracks, which can lead to catastrophic fractures. damage.

One thing that everyone needs to pay attention to here is that although the ceramic case has the disadvantage of being fragile, its fragility is not the same as what we imagined. Sometimes it may be damaged by a very strong impact. But in any case, daily wear still needs attention.

How to maintain a ceramic case?

1. When the ceramic case is dirty, just use a small toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to gently brush it.

2. It is recommended that the ceramic watch should be maintained every two to three years, check the travel time performance and the power consumption of the movement, clean the movement and maintain the appearance, etc., which will easily prolong the life of the ceramic watch.