Products & Applications

Dingding precision ceramic factory’s techinical dimensional tolerance of ceramic watch parts can reach the requirements of  ±0.05mm, which is the top and most advanced technology in the industry.

The series of products are mainly used for smart wear, such as watch, pendants and rings. They are obtained by high-purity nano zirconia powder after high-temperature sintering. They can carry out structural design according to the needs of users and realize the close assembly and processing of the shell. The products have good texture and are as warm as jade, which can realize the bright appearance effect like gemstones.

Over the years, We have provided these international brands with our ceramic bezel inserts.

Ceramic Smart Watch Bezel


Shenzhen Dingding produced 1000k sets of smartwatch bezel inserts and straps for HUAWEI WATCH GT/HUAWEI WATCH 2/HUAWEI WATCH GT3/HUAWEI WATCH GT3 PRO

Remarks: CNC, polishing, wire drawing, laser engraving, oil filling, silk screen printing, AF and other tedious 19 processes are done on the microcrystalline ceramic watch bezel.