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Preparation and reliability evaluation of silicon nitride ceramic copper clad substrate


Abstract: the excellent high reliability of silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate makes it one of the most promising substrate materials for power modules in high-speed rail, electric vehicles and other fields. At present, only Japanese manufacturers have mass production capacity, and it is difficult to import domestically, which hinders the development of related industries. High performance silicon nitride ceramic substrate was prepared by air pressure sintering, and silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate was obtained by active metal brazing process. The bending strength of silicon nitride ceramics is 800 MPa and the fracture toughness is 8 0 MPa·m ½, Thermal conductivity 90 w / (m · K), AC breakdown strength 40 kV / mm and volume resistivity 3 seven × 1014 Ω·cm; The peel strength of silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate reaches 130 n / cm. Under the high and low temperature cyclic impact of - 45 ~ 150 ℃, the impact times of silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate are 10 times and 100 times that of aluminum nitride and alumina copper-clad substrate respectively; In copper thickness 0 32 mm/0. 25 mm impact times up to 5000 times and copper thickness of 0.5 mm 5 mm/0. When the impact times of 5 mm reach 1000 times, the samples are intact; In copper thickness 0 8 mm/0. When the impact times of 8 mm reached 500 times, the sample still did not produce microcracks and other defects, which was different from the copper thickness of 0.5 mm 32 mm/0. The cycle times of aluminum nitride copper clad substrate are the same at 25 mm; The reliability of silicon nitride ceramic copper-clad substrate is obviously better than that of existing products.

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How To Produce Porous Silicon Nitride Ceramic Material


Porous silicon nitride ceramics have the properties of both silicon nitride ceramics and porous materials. They not only have the advantages of high strength, good toughness, creep resistance, structural stability, rain corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of silicon nitride ceramics, but also have the characteristics of low density, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss of porous materials. The excellent performance of porous silicon nitride ceramics determines that it has broad application prospects. Due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high opening, internal pores and other characteristics, porous silicon nitride ceramics are widely used in the fields of smoke and gas filtration, catalyst carrier and so on. They can also be used in the field of aerospace and aviation as radome materials used in harsh environments.