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ceramic watch strap

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When wearing a watch, is the strap metal or ceramic better?


The perseverance of the metal strap, the elegance of the leather strap, and the uniqueness of ceramics... The different styles make watch lovers uncertain. Especially for people who are buying watches for the first time, it is very important to choose a durable and versatile style. Of course, in addition to the classic metal and leather style straps, the emerging ceramic materials in recent years have also become a dark horse. Different from the cold feeling of metal, the warm touch of ceramics fascinates many people.

Product News

How ceramics can be used to make watches?


How can a fragile material like ceramics be used to make watches? Although the most common materials in the watch industry are stainless steel, titanium, precious metals (gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum), etc., one of them belongs to the rising star in the watch material industry - ceramic material, which has sprung up under the attack of the above-mentioned materials in recent years. More and more watch brands have launched their own ceramic watches. Ceramic has become a widely used material in the watch industry.