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Electronic communication ceramic backplane


◆The ceramic mobile phone backplane has the advantages of high hardness, good thermal shock resistance, fast heat dissipation, high bending strength, good fracture toughness, and strong wear resistance. The "high-value" features such as appearance, smoothness, and warmth like jade have been favored by consumers.◆Dingding Ceramics also officially started the manufacturing of communication electronics, ceramic cover plates, and microelectronic ceramic industries in 2017.

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Zirconia precision ceramic iphone6/6s case


The 5g era requires faster signal transmission, which is 1 to 100 times faster than 4G. 5g communication will use more than 3GHz frequency spectrum and shorter millimeter wave length. Compared with the metal backplane, the ceramic backplane has no interference to the signal, and has superior performance unmatched by other materials, which is favored by mobile phone manufacturers.

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How is the highly sought after mobile phone ceramic backplane produced?


The process of ceramic backplane is complex, the production is difficult, and the yield is not high. At present, the ceramic backplane technology mainly has differences in technical routes in the molding process. There are four main technologies in the market: injection molding, compression molding, tape casting and isostatic pressing, and the four technical routes have their own merits.