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Boron nitride

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Cubic boron nitride nanopowder for metal cutting tools


Cubic boron nitride is a superhard material that is only 20 to 40 percent harder than diamond. Although second only to diamond in hardness, CNB surpasses gemstones in other important areas: The composite material does not react to carbon, making it possible to process steel, which accounts for 90 percent of mechanical engineering materials. By contrast, diamond reacts with one of its constituents, carbon, limiting its usefulness. Instruments made from nano-CNBs can cut metals that were previously uncut.

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Development and application of boron nitride ceramic materials


As a new ceramic material with excellent properties and great development potential, boron nitride includes five isomers: hexagonal boron nitride (H - BN), cubic boron nitride (C - BN), wurtzite boron nitride (W - BN), rhombic boron nitride (R - BN) and orthorhombic boron nitride (o - BN).