Dingding R&D Center

In close cooperation and constant contact with clients and partners

The Most Important Team In Dingding

In the ceramics sector, Dingding continues to advance the development of technology and processing, while offering the highest level of production skills in the industry.

With enduring and reliable support from our R&D team, Dingding has won the trust of clients with whom we’ve built strong relationships.


Research & Development: Staff of 25 people

Engineering Technology: Staff of 50 people

Processing Design & Development: Several Engineers

Quality Control: Staff of 50 people


Team of Skilled Scientists onsite

Inhouse Raw Material Production & Formulation Development Capability

Decades of professional experience in research

Integrated multidirectional hard material service

Professional team of experts in advanced ceramic production and application

Stand-alone Model: Increased flexibility and efficiency

Quality Management System ISO9001 Certified


Innovation is at the heart of our enterprise

Dingding pursues sustainable management and pays special attention to R&D and innovation.

Dingding is continuously expanding and now owns 4 major product R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing and Changzhou. This gives us the capacity to take on huge programs and the capability to provide innovative solutions while staying at the forefront of technological development.