Dingding Introduction

Advanced Ceramic Experts Since 1985

Leading Expert in Powder Injection Molding


Founded in 1985, Dingding specializes in the manufacture of parts made with advanced ceramics, including zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide etc. The company also excels at production of tungsten alloy, high density tungsten base alloy, stainless steel and powder metallurgy products. 

As an early adapter of advanced PIM technology, the company has gained vast experience and made great achievements in the manufacture of parts and products for clients in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Shipbuilding, Communication, Clocks and Watches and Textile industries

Dingding is a metal injection molding (MIM) specialist, committed to continuous research and development of the ceramic manufacturing process. We have mastered the technology and refined the process to become experts at production of functional parts with complex shapes, as well as accessories that require elite-level performance combined with high-end aesthetics.

What We Offer

Dingding has made outstanding achievements in the manufacture of parts and products made with cutting-edge materials such as structural ceramics, functional ceramics, tungsten alloy and silicon carbide. 

With a relentless focus on innovation and constant development of our capabilities, we strive to provide outstandingly flexible customization in our continuous quest to create high value for our customers and to set an example of excellence for our partners and competitors at home and abroad.

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Dingding Branches

Nanjing Factory

Completed in 2002, our Nanjing based factory is located in a high-tech industrial compound where it covers 20,000 . Our Nanjing factory specializes in production of cemented carbide, advanced ceramics, high specific gravity alloy, tungsten alloy, absorbing materials etc.

Dongguan Workshop

Covering an area of ca. 6,000 ㎡, our advanced ceramics production line was set up in 2011 where we kicked off our MIM services.

Shandong Factory

As a result of Dingding’s business expansion, a new factory was established in Shandong in 2020. The Shandong plant provides a production space of roughly 12,000, and is planned for expansion to 33,000 in the near future. This factory specializes in production of parts for the Health, Smart Wear, Microelectronics, 5G Filter and Aerospace sectors, with a heavy focus, on R&D of Aluminum Nitride material application.