Products & Applications

With the rapid development of 5G industry and the acceleration of base station construction, filter is a key technology in 5G and an indispensable basic component in 5G development. The demand for filter and optical communication precision ceramic parts will increase greatly.


Silicon nitride Ceramic filter

Silicon nitride ceramic capacitors have the characteristics of high dielectric constant, high Q, low loss, small size, better performance, and low cost. At present, the manufacturers of these materials have deployed ceramic products for many products, but due to the immature ceramic technology, few enterprises produce enterprises with excellent performance.

Silicon nitride Ceramic filter element or mainstream

Plastic filters can be used to fill the proximal end of 4G micro metal cavities for filling 5g small products in the 4G micro market, and small metal housings are widely used. At the same time, ceramic powder raw materials are cheap and inexpensive. Covers the main market of 5g. Ceramic filters are made of ceramic equipment manufacturing equipment, ceramic pressure equipment, and sintering equipment. composition.