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Ceramic materials hide in your life


DDM’s atomizing core contains hundreds of microscopic pores. The smoke oil is heated and atomized through two wires of the atomizing core. The ceramic suction nozzle and atomizing core determine the taste of e-cigarette.

We have more than 40 machines including grouting, degreasing and sintering equipments in DDM e-cigarette production line, which can meet the production capacity of 10 million pieces per month for ceramic heating core and ceramic loose parts. 

Smart wear

Smart wear devices materials evolve from metal to glass, and now to ceramics. Ceramic materials have zero impedance, high strength, good toughness, high hardness, strong compression and impact resistance, no scratch, sintering at 1350+ ℃, no impurities, no magnetism, no stain, no bacteria, easy to clean, corrosion resistance of all kinds of acid and alkali organic compounds.  

DDM has more than 17 years’ technical experiences in this field.  We have cooperated with Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Fitbit, Samsung, LG, Mobile, Jeep, Chow Sang Sang Jewelry, etc.  

Phone back

Compared with traditional plastic, glass and metal materials, ceramic phone backboard is more hardness, good thermal shock resistance, fast heat dissipation, high bending strength, good fracture toughness, strong wear resistance, zero impedance to mobile phone signal interference. It is widely used in high-end 5G mobile phones.  Ceramic phone back is beautiful, smooth, warm and touch like jade.